How to Build Positive Workplace Culture in a Hybrid World

Every employer dreams of establishing the perfect workplace culture. After all, it has been proven that businesses that have great workplace cultures have higher productivity and employee satisfaction levels. While most businesses thrive by creating the perfect atmosphere, many fall short of this goal from the lack of knowledge of what it means to have a genuine workplace culture.

 As it turns out, the definition is quite simple. As defined by Michigan State University, workplace culture is “The personality of an organization from the employee perspective.” Unfortunately, it is easier for businesses to develop a negative culture than it is for them to foster a positive culture.

This is mostly because positive workplace cultures grow when the business itself is focused on providing employees flexibility, trust, understanding, and social opportunities. Companies that are willing to shift away from stuffy and traditional ways of treating employees stand a better chance of creating positive workplace relationships than those that do not.

 Here are the top ways in which a business can build a positive workplace culture in a hybrid work model world:

Location and Time Flexibility

Studies have shown that employees feel more at ease in their work environment when they are given flexibility. This includes freedom to choose where they work and even extensive choice about their schedules and when they work. Freedom is a top factor when it comes to formulating a positive workplace culture!

To save money, spark innovation, and provide employees with the flexibility they desire, many businesses are shifting to a hybrid work model. By renting coworking spaces, businesses can give employees the comfort of choosing if they want to work at home or join the team at the coworking location.

Modern coworking spaces such as Catalyst Kanata come with all of the amenities a business needs, including high-speed wifi, furniture, and even state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, they have a variety of workspaces, including private offices, multi-person offices, and even dedicated desks in a larger coworking area.

Routine Social Meetups

Encouraging your employees to solidify lasting and fulfilling friendships in the workplace is a great way to promote a positive workplace culture. In fact, according to Forbes, “Work relationships are incredibly important to employee well-being.” 

That same article went on to explain that building workplace relationships is “more than just ‘getting along’ with a coworker.” Therefore, facilitating outings for your staff, team building activities, and encouraging them to bond by providing flexible break times can be quite beneficial for your business.

You see, employees who feel connected to their colleagues, supervisors, and bosses are more likely to stay with the company and thrive in their position. Therefore, businesses that successfully achieve a positive workplace culture save money as they don’t have to spend as much time interviewing, onboarding, and training new employees.

Establish Trust and Comfort

Staff members feel more comfortable and fulfilled in their position when they know they are trusted. Companies that trust their employees to work hard and do the right thing are highly successful in building loyalty with their staff.

Think about it. Would you prefer to work for a company that micromanages your every move and points fingers when mishaps occur? Or, would you prefer to clock in hours at a company that trusts you and gives you the benefit of the doubt if you make a mistake?

Positive workplace cultures portray employees who are relaxed and don’t feel as though they need to watch their backs. Especially in a hybrid world, it’s essential for businesses to hire people who can responsibly handle the freedom that comes with an excellent workplace atmosphere.

Learn More About Coworking Spaces!

Shifting to a hybrid work model also requires businesses to become flexible in their mindset about workplace environments. Although the hybrid work model allows employees a more balanced work-life balance, it is proven to heighten business productivity. Check out our article, The Undeniable Benefits of the Hybrid Work Model on Company Productivity, for more information.

Here at Catalyst Kanata, our team of workplace specialists are happy to Consult with you about your business needs. Furthermore, they can provide insight into how to shift your business to a more cost-effective hybrid work model for the betterment of your employees and company. Take a Look at everything our facilities have to offer, and consider booking a free week to get you started!


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