The Undeniable Benefits of the Hybrid Work Model on Company Productivity

Gone are the days when employees would stick with companies that refused to offer flexible work options and environments. Even before COVID-19 swept the planet, the workforce was pushing for a more comfortable work schedule and environment.

Now that much of the world has experienced a more freeing work schedule in light of the recent pandemic, companies and employees alike are noticing undeniable benefits. Hybrid work models allow businesses to call their employees to the office for a set number of days while staff work from home the other portion of the week.

In so many ways, the hybrid work model has been proven to save businesses money while increasing company productivity. If you’ve been brainstorming ways to make your company more productive, look no further! Here are the defining traits of the hybrid work model that makes staff more productive.

Increased Freedom and Flexibility

In a survey analyzed by VentureBeat, it was discovered that out of 1,500 people questioned, “85% of employees want a hybrid work model.” Study after study shows that the workforce values freedom and adaptability in their work environment.

While many employers are worried that such a loose hold on their employees would result in little work being completed, it is actually shown that hybrid work models boost productivity. When employees feel comfortable in their environment and trusted to do their job, they outperform those who are given less leeway.

Rather than forcing staff into the typical stuffy corporate setting, coworking spaces allow employees to work in a comfortable and modern office as often as their company desires, with the flexibility to also work from home. Check out our article about the Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Both Introverts and Extroverts!

Improved Work-Life Balance and Health

Rather than sitting in a car for long periods of time and driving to work every single day, the hybrid work model reduces the amount of time your employees have to spend getting to the office. Not only does this mean that staff will save money on transportation costs, but it will also save their health!

After all, “Research has linked long commutes to a host of negative health impacts, from increased stress and poorer cardiovascular health to greater pollution exposure” (Keck Medicine of USC). By helping employees live a healthier lifestyle, including better work-life balance, businesses are also increasing the overall productivity of their company.

According to OnRec, “With a healthy work-life balance, mental health and well-being will improve. Employee productivity will rise when absenteeism, loss of concentration, and poor decision-making owing to poor mental health decreases.” Businesses that adopt a hybrid work model are reaping the benefits of healthier and more productive staff members!

Happier and More Loyal Employees

There’s no doubt that retaining valuable employees is one of the keys to a successful business. Oftentimes, businesses lose out on top-notch expertise when they fail to adapt to the times, resulting in staff choosing to move on to another company with a more modern work environment and schedule.

As stated by Warwick, “Happiness makes people more productive at work, according to the latest research from the University of Warwick. Economists carried out a number of experiments to test the idea that happy employees work harder. In the laboratory, they found happiness made people around 12% more productive.”

When employees feel content and valued in their position, they are more prone to work harder and more efficiently. Furthermore, they are more likely to become loyal staff members to the company that has given them the flexibility they need.

Transition to a Hybrid Work Model

Foster a happier work environment by shifting to a hybrid work model and save money by operating out of a coworking space. Take the leap and reap the benefits of allowing your employees to work from a sophisticated, fully-equipped coworking space when they aren’t working from the comfort of their own homes.

Studies have shown that employees are no longer satisfied with the long commutes and lack of adaptability associated with the old corporate work model. Opt for a more modern approach by considering a Catalyst Kanata coworking space. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about transitioning to a coworking space. Contact Us any time to chat! 


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