Top Questions About the Benefits of Coworking Spaces

It’s no secret that the recent global pandemic changed the way many businesses think about the structuring of the workplace. Even before COVID, entrepreneurs and large corporations alike were discovering the undeniable benefits of coworking spaces and shifting their businesses to this type of atmosphere.

Not only do coworking spaces promote an environment for productivity, but many small and large businesses have discovered quite a few less obvious perks. Check out the top questions businesses tend to ask before adjusting to a coworking space and the answers that help them make an easy decision!

Should I Consider a Coworking Environment?

There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes are choosing to shift to a coworking environment. From the clear financial benefits to added perks such as networking opportunities, the reasons for integrating coworking spaces into your overall workplace strategy are compelling.

Reason to adopt a Coworking Environment


      Flexible terms and less hassle

      Built-In Security

      Concierge Services

      Community Atmosphere

      Opportunities to Network

      Current/Updated Technology

      Easy Hybrid Work Transitions


Now that many employees across the globe have experienced a work-from-home environment, more of the workforce is pushing for a hybrid work schedule. According to the Office for National Statistics, “Of working adults currently homeworking, 85% wanted to use a “hybrid” approach of both home and office working in future.”

As such, many businesses are shifting their companies to a coworking hybrid environment where employees can work in-office on scheduled days and from home for the rest of the week. This method gives employees the autonomy and comfort they desire while still maintaining a healthy office culture.

Is Renting Coworking Spaces Expensive?

By adopting coworking environments as part of their shift to a hybrid model, businesses can anticipate huge savings. With a wide variety of coworking options available, businesses can customize to achieve their financial and workplace goals. The Catalyst Business Center is an example of a new center that allows businesses to choose their own plan based on their preferences, special needs, and budget. 

Think about it. By renting a coworking space, you won’t be responsible for the added costs of utilities, maintenance, or even cleaning that comes with owning or renting a commercial space. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to have access to the latest advancements in technology and WiFi.  The cost of your own office infrastructure (access control, security, monitoring, printers, smart tvs, multi media and related network) is expensive, whereas this is all provided in a coworking space.

Do I Have to Supply My Own Furniture?

Most coworking spaces are flexible in this regard! If you have your own furniture, you can certainly opt to use your own desks, chairs, couches, etc. For an additional cost, coworking environments can also come fully furnished for your convenience. Since the idea of coworking spaces is to build on the concept of giving businesses flexibility, most do not force businesses to use their assigned furniture.

Will the Other Members Get in Our Way?

It’s understandable why this is one of the top questions asked when businesses look into shifting from renting or owning to a coworking space. After all, the first thing you probably think about when you think of “coworking” is that you’ll see and hear from other entrepreneurs and businesses nonstop throughout the day.  

Fortunately, that is not the case! Coworking companies are structured to help you maximize your productivity and help you grow your business. Most coworking spaces have a mix of open concept workstations, private offices, and enclosed teaming areas. There are private meeting rooms and phone rooms accessible to all members when confidentiality is required. This means that you can choose an office space that is as isolated as you need it to be. Likewise, you can also choose to select a desk space where you can be inspired by the productivity of those around you. The choice is yours!

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur needing a productive space to conduct business or an established business with employees wanting to downsize, or a consultant that travels from city to city, we have the coworking space for you! For more information about our superior Catalyst Business Center coworking spaces in Kanata or to set up a viewing, we invite you to Contact Us at any time.


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